She-Ra will return with a animated series on Netflix

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She-Ra volverá a la vida con Netflix

For fans of action heroines, the series She-Ra: The Princess of the Power, it’s not just a spinoff of He-Man’s story. but a sample of high quality epic adventures. It’s not surprising that there is a project currently to bring it back.
According to Deadline, Netflix will bring to She-Ra back, In a new animated series of the hand of DreamWorks Animation. This will be the beginning of a collaboration that also includes Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, a continuation to the film released in cinema, the films The Boss Baby: Back in Business y The Epic Tales of Captain Underpant, and the series Harvey Street Kids and Trollhhunters Part 3.
At the moment there’s no more information about this project, but it’s known that it will run in charge of the illustrator and writer  Noelle Stevenson (Nimona).
Premiered at 1985, She-Ra: The Princess of the Power, it was a spinoff who followed the adventures of She-Ra, sister of He-Man, kidnapped from childhood and taken to planet Etheria, when he grew up she used her powers to start a rebellion that would liberate their oppressed inhabitants.