‘ Cloak and Dagger ‘ First Trailer Shows The First Meet Of The Character

Nuevo adelanto de Cloak and Dagger

Marvel has just presented a new advance of Cloak and Dagger, its new series about young heroes, and everything suggests that the style of teenage drama as The Runaways it’ll be the engine that drives this couple.

This time, the advance is a sneak peek where we attend the first meeting of the characters Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt). Both teenagers from different backgrounds, will meet at a party, where Tandy pretends to accidentally spill a beer on Tyrone, to steal his wallet. Then both begin a chase, at the end they touch each other, revealing that they are linked together through mysterious powers.

In the comics, Tyrone is known under the alias of Cloak, and he has the power to wrap his enemies in a dark shadow.Tandy, on her part, is known as Dagger, and her power is produce a white light with her body, whose beams she uses to attack.

Along with the advance, marvel reveal the official release date of Cloak and Dagger on June 7, 2018 through Freeform.



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