‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Released In 2020, Says Director James Gunn

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With irreverent humor, great music and incredible space adventures, Guardians of the Galaxy have become a group of heroes with great weight inside Marvel’s Universe films. For all those who expect more from their adventures, we have good news: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would in 2020!

According with a tweet shared by the own director James Gunn, the 3rd adventure independent of the Star Lord and company will hit screens in two years. Take a look:

For those who think it’s too much to wait Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. released in the middle of 2017-, here’s a reminder: The Guardians will also be in  Avengers: Infinity War also too in Avengers 4. This means that, in fact, it will be 4 years followed for their adventures.

Although Marvel Studios has not confirmed the director’s message, we know that three untitled films are scheduled for 2020 -one for May, another for August and the 3rd for November.- It’s probable that one of these films will be GotG Vol. 3.

About the possible themes of the film, we know that Gunn has mentioned that the Nova’s will have great importance, and that it is very probable that we see Adam Warlock on it.

As long as we wait for more information,we stay with GotG Vol. 2 trailer:





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