‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’: The second season of ‘ Cosmos ‘ Is Already A Fact

cosmos: possible worlds

Cosmos Series (2014) with Neil Degrasse Tyson as a driver was many things at once: it was a great tribute to the original series of physicist Carl Sagan,  an incredible approach to our history in the Universe, and a show that science can be divulged with magic and entertainment, it’s not surprising that we are seeing more of it.

Through a video sharing in your account on YouTube, Fox has confirmed that Cosmos will return with a second season. Under the titled Cosmos: Possible Worlds, the NatGeo project will take us back to “the interior of the Cosmic Revolution, the knowledge of deep scientific concepts and our coordinates in space and time.” Take a look of the first teaser:

Cosmos: Possible Worlds will recount with the production of Seth MacFarlane and the driving of Degrasse Tyson. We wait for its premiere, for the spring 2019.




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