‘John Wick’ Will Have A TV Series Too

John Wick’s franchise keeps expanding. After two successful movies and a virtual reality videogame, Starz has announced a new series titled The Continental, will be set in the universe of films.

Announced during the participation of Starz in the press tour of the TCA, The Continental It is a co-production with Lionsgate that will focus on the operation of the Continental Hotel, the place where the killers of the films take refuge. According to their producers, in the episodes they will try to maintain “the urgency of the action with the dry humour of the films”.

At the moment, we know that the writer and producer Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy) will be the showrunner of this series, while Chad Stahelski (co-director of John Wick and director of John Wick: Chapter 2) he’ll be in charge of the pilot episode.

The Continental has no release date.




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