Walter Hamada (It) Is The New President of DC Films

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2017 seemed to be the year of Warner and DC: with the success of Wonder Woman, all the sins like Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman seemed to be in the past. Then came the Justice League, and things got complicated.

The awful ranking of the superproduction of the DC heroes, and the exit of Jon Berg and Geoff Johns from DC Films,  have caused that the cinematographic universe hangs from a thread, and to resist this phenomenon, Warner executives have put a strong man in charge.

According to Variety, the producer Walter Hamada will be in charge of the superheroes of DC films.

In the industry, Hamada is popular for producing The ConjuringIt and Into the Storm. The decision of his appointment, was defended by Warner director, Toby Emmerich, and this terms:

“Walter is creative, resourceful and committed to excellence and will bring those qualities to his oversight of our superhero films,” Emmerich said Thursday in a statement. “He’s a terrific production executive and served as an executive producer on two of the summer’s most popular films, New Line’s It and Annabelle: Creation. I’m confident Walter and Geoff, working with our filmmaking partners, will deliver films that will resonate with both broad global audiences as well as DC fanboys and fangirls.  Walter’s a great addition to the Warner Bros. Pictures team, and I look forward to working with him in his new post.”




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