Here’s Your First Official Photo of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock

Tom Hardy como Eddie Brock en Venom

After several months of almost no information and waiting, the Venom film starred by Tom Hardy is finally moving forward, and as expected, new material from the film has immediately surfaced.

This time, through the official Twitter account of the film has been released the first picture of Hardy as Eddie Brock, the human that will be possessed by the symbiote. There are other images too from the filming process. Watch them all below:

So far we have no official plot for this film, but rumours say it could be based on arc Lethal Protector, which follows Eddie Brock moving to San Francisco, trying to live a peaceful life. until some mercenary group start to hunting him.

We’ll be expecting for any new details about the Venom film, which is set to premiere on October 5, 2018.



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