Geekpill week #4

This week on geek pill, our next home, an insane Korn and your hair, is pink or black?

1- An astronomic discovery could become the most important news from this century, Proxima B, an exoplanet in the orbit of Proxima Centauri is the best candidate for an habitable planet outside of our solar system, but the journey will take us several light years, maybe there is someone over there also watching our blue dot thinking, yes we could go there

2- Korn releases a new single this week titled INSANE, the track will appear in its upcoming album THE SERENITY OF SUFFERING that will come out this October, a pretty awesome but depressive track, and in its video we can see a photographer taken pictures from a lady’s corpse, you know, the usual stuff with these guys

3- And Finally, the future Trunks saga is approaching its climax, in the last week episode we can see how Bulma has finish her work on the time machine and now our heroes will go to the future to fight against Black Goku, but, and this is awesome, he got a new transformation, the super saiyan rose, so Goku vs Black Goku, super saiyan blue vs super saiyan rose, who will win this fight?

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